Customer Reviews


Our promise to you is that we will provide you with honest service and quality auto repairs, but don’t take our word for it – check out what some of our awesome customer have had to say.


Drey B.
Good quality work, nice people, well priced, local family owned. All the things that make them my families “go to” place for our cars maintenance. Justin and Amanda always make a inconvenient issue, be it with my older dodge truck or my wife’s later model SUV, a pleasure to deal with. Thanks guys for all you do for us!

Cynthia H.
So happy we found this place! They are friendly, honest and fair. Will not go anywhere else!

Wil T.
Excellent work on time and under budget!! Very thorough and kept us updated with any and all information. Got way more than our moneys worth and it is refreshing to have customer service the way it used to be. That is a hard skill to find these days. I will be back!!

Ken T.
Professional and friendly atmosphere. It’s refreshing to see an auto repair shop focused on customer service and providing quality service quickly!

Alexander H.
Justin is a really great mechanic, he’s honest and doesn’t try to upsell, just tells you what’s wrong and what it took to fix vs the last mechanics that try and get all they can out of you. Overall I’ve found my go-to mechanic!!
Sammi W.
What a great auto shop to take your car to. I feel that they went above and beyond in customer service. Friendly, honest, reasonable and reliable. I will definitely recommend to family and friends.
Anne A.
I have basically a new car thanks to Justin and Amanda! In June, I had my air conditioner fixed and it’s still working. (I was about to buy a new car b/c other mechanics were telling me the entire system was going to need replacing…costing more than my car was worth!) But Camdyn fixed it affordably.
Last week, they fixed my rotors, motor mount and an oil leak. Plus a tune-up! And my car runs like new! I am so happy with the work Camdyn did for me.
Amanda took the time to find affordable parts and Justin worked hard to get it fixed. Their diagnostic was spot on and the estimate was within dollars. I highly recommend Camdyn Auto Repair. That’s where I will be taking my car from now on.

Jake U.
Hands down the best auto repair shop I have found. They are family owned and you can tell they take pride in their work. The pricing was reasonable and I wasn’t told I had a bunch of other things wrong that needed to be repaired – like other auto shops do. I will definitely be going back!

Merritt B
There’s just not enough I can say about these folks here. Truly a FAMILY run business. I feel like they are honest with me and tell it to me straight. Which I VERY much appreciate- especially when it comes to fixing stuff on my car. They have done it all for me- changed my headlights, my oil and even helped me secretly installed a new bluetooth radio (in my husbands truck as a surprise father’s day gift). I will go back next time I need something for sure.
John L.
I’m so happy I found this local auto shop. Good, affordable auto repair is hard to find. I knew I needed some brake repair on my Tahoe. Justin, the mechanic that looked at my brakes, told me I only needed new pads and the rotors could just be resurfaced. I would not have known the difference and so appreciate his honesty! He did a great job and I have been back for additional repairs that I have been putting off. He really is the best mechanic I have ever found!

Matt M.
I shopped around and they had the best price and did excellent work! Super nice people and very professional. I will definitely go back! You got to love those family owned and operated places. They really take care of you!