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Air Conditioning Service And Car Repair Round Rock Texas

  • Includes:  Evacuate & recharge system, R134A Freon; inspect for leaks; performance test AC system; document system pressures and outlet temperature; visual inspection of air conditioning system; complete AC repairs, including compressors, condensers and all supporting AC components

Brake Service

  • Replace Brake Pads + Rotors or Drums
  • Resurface Rotors and Drums
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Complete brake inspection

Repair and Replace

  • Alternators
  • Starters
  • Shocks/struts
  • Waterpumps/cooling systems
  • Other Engine and Drive Train Parts

Check Engine Light Diagnostic | (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) FREE

  • Our Car Repair Services Uses hand-held scan tools and/or laptop computer, bluetooth OBD2 scaners, smart device programs to access trouble codes causing check engine light. Use of computer diagnostic and technical programs. Up to one hour of technicians time to determine the source of the problem causing the trouble code. Most, but not all check engine lights or other driveability problems can be determined by the Check Engine Light/Level 1 Diagnostic service. Sometimes additional diagnostics may be required

MINOR Service | Recommended every 7.5K/10K miles

INTERMEDIATE Service | Recommended every 15K/30K miles

MAJOR Service | As needed with different vehicles

Brake Fluid Flush | (Recommended every 30K miles)
Power Steering Flush | (By condition of fluid)
Fuel Induction Service | (Recommended every 60K)

  • All recommendations are Camdyn Auto Repair Service recommendations and may differ from the Original Equipment Manufacturer schedules or recommendations.


Recreational Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

  • Perform manufacturer’s recommended maintenance
  • Repair of Mechanical, electrical and perform Diagnostics


Truck Repair

  • Perform manufacturer’s recommended maintenance
  • Repair of Mechanical, electrical and perform Diagnostics


Oil Changes





* After-hours key drop, located next to the office bay door. If your vehicle needs to be towed to the shop after business hours, contact Round Rock Towing at 512.218.0011 and they can tow your vehicle and drop the keys for you.



*    RainX Latitude Wiper Blades

*    Interstate Batteries

*    Headlight Restoration

*    TPMS replacement (most vehicles)

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